Standardize, control and optimize data reconciliations

Match multiple data sources, identify errors in financial controls and optimize financial close.

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Dattos data reconciliation platform

Dattos adapts to your processes

  • Cloud platform and increased security
  • Time and cost savings
  • Data reconciliation platform
  • Reduced risk in data manipulation
  • Process quality control
  • Import a variety of file formats

data reconciliation

Dattos Report

Dattos Report

Export management reports, spreadsheets or customized return files according to your department’s needs, regulatory obligations or information reading requirements.

Dattos Recon

Dattos Recon

Dattos Recon is a powerful solution that helps companies process critical reconciliations with large amounts of financial data.

Dattos Tasklist

Dattos Tasklist

Dattos Tasklist helps manage, track and view a variety of accounting and finance task lists, processes and workflows in real time.

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Meet the companies that are transforming the financial close management, data-matching and reconciliation processes through Dattos.

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With Dattos, you can transform your daily routine, productivity and obtain more assertive financial information. Discover how our solutions deliver benefits to the departments of major companies.

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Performing good accounting management is a great challenge and, at the same time, essential to maintaining financial health and agility in supporting the executive team. Find out how we can help you achieve your financial close more quickly.

Coordenadora fiscal utilizando a plataforma Dattos


The fiscal management of organizations is extremely critical for business. In the midst of a complex regulatory environment, protecting yourself from fines and problems with the tax authorities is essential. Find out how we reduce tax risks by improving information quality.

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The payroll department handles all the bureaucracy of calculating and paying employee salaries and benefits during and after their employment. Find out how we can help increase information quality and reduce the risk of labor claims.